DATA/ Intranet

A DATA/Intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization's staff. Generally a wide range of information and services from the organization's internal IT systems are available that would not be available to the public from the Internet. A company-wide intranet can constitute an important focal point of internal communication and collaboration, and provide a single starting point to access internal and external resources. In its simplest form an intranet is established with the technologies for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

Layer 2 Solution: Transparent P2P & P2 Multi Point DATA connectivity.
Layer 3 Solution: IP VPN (virtual private network) services local / International DATA Connectivity.
MPLS Solution: Point to Point & Point to Multipoint IP connectivity to ensuring QOS, quality of service (to execute multi level switching and make the services very steady and elastic) scrabble.